• FIS Approach

    FIS provides Program Management that has an extensive background in coordination, planning, and the execution of specialized communications and information technology equipment, training, and fielding

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    Program Management

    FIS has a deep understanding of experience in strategic and operational planning, support, irregular warfare support, the ability to provide high-level studies and analysis, and Acquisition Program Management experience.


    • Stability
      FIS provides project management on enterprise-level teams and technical expertise to projects to ensure the planning and implementation of projects include timelines with milestones, meeting management, managing priorities of the project and tasks, as well as risk analysis, resolving resource issues, and problem resolution.
    • Agility
      FIS works with project team members and stakeholders from other sections to ensure the success of the projects by incorporating stakeholders’ feedback and ensuring the project plan addresses any concerns. Additionally, FIS supports efforts in strategic and operational planning and irregular warfare for DoD missions anywhere in the world at any time.
    • Reach:
      FIS's PM receives unfettered support from corporate support functions, including our PMO, HR, Recruiting, Contracting, and Security. Our leadership structure helps to empower the lowest level leadership first, by providing a responsive and integrated senior leadership support staff for the client's mission.