At FIS, we understand the challenges of safely connecting users to pertinent resources. Our service offerings enforce authentication and authorization of every user and device on the network, dynamically evaluating policies with as many sources as data as possible.

  • Infrastructure Capabilities

    Serving the right identity data at the right time is vital

    Data Fabric, Zero Trust, and Backup

    Data Fabric

    FIS-L-2753-B - FIS Certification: Best in class Lab testing, analysis, assessment & authorization ensuring Turnkey onsite approval solution.

    FIS-CNAP-6482-D - FIS CNAP Suite: Best in class CNAP all-inclusive platform. Robust networking, security, data fabric Turnkey implementation.

    Zero Trust

    FIS-9119-C - FIS ZTA Platform: Best in class Zero Trust VXrail packaged solution, OEM configured, installation, and A&A Turnkey solution.

    FIS-2130-A - FIS Security: Best in class Zero Trust security cluster, securing multi-vectored intrusions.

    FIS-TR-3194-C - FIS Security Training: Best in class security cluster training, elevating security standards.

    FIS-INS-CNF-8315-A FIS Build In: Best in class installation, configuration, hardening, cross-domain implementation.


    FIS-BK-3284-B FIS Disaster Protection/Disaster Recovery Platform: Best in class Commvault and HPE technologies.