• Capabilities

    FIS is well experienced in providing education and training services

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    Collective or Individual Approch

    Training is delivered collectively, individually, and through developed materials and curriculum as needed or requested and includes regular exercise/training planning and execution support. FIS's approach to education and training services include the following:

    • Stability
      FIS maintains a ready and capable workforce for providing education and training services with greater than qualified experts in an ever-changing and dynamic environment – both CONUS and OCONUS  including austere environments.
    • Agility
      FIS supports data analysis as a total package fielding approach with deliveries of the verified Logistic Support Package to include: technical manuals, New Equipment Training (NET), sustainment training, training devices, and all support items. We also participate in New Materiel Introductory Briefings and reviews in response to the gaining commands Mission Support Plan. 
    • Reach
      FIS provides organizational structure, capabilities, and processes that specifically support our ability to execute all requirements related to Education and Training Services. We utilize the Skillsoft platform at the corporate / company level for employee and leadership development, digital skills training, technology-specific training, and certification solution training.