FIS aggressively operates and defends the DoD information network delivering effects against our adversaries; and design, build and deliver integrated capabilities for the future fight.

  • Cybersecurity Capabilities

    Our solutions directly address audits, governance, risk management, compliance, and operations.

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    FIS Assists Government and NGO's in assessing their IT security infrastructure.

    Threat Assessment and Mitigation

    Our Cybersecurity services start with assisting entities in assessing their IT security infrastructure. This includes evaluating the as-is state, targeting the to-be state and then creating a migration plan to attain their goals. We can then help to implement the migration plan and provide ongoing monitoring that ensures the defined security requirements are being maintained. FIS is familiar with meeting all FISMA requirements.

    Security Risk Assessments

    • Assessments
    • Audits
    • Analysis
    • Reporting / Recommendations

    Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

    • Stakeholder communication
    • Solution engineering and implementation
    • Process improvements & enhancements

    Security Operations

    • Operation and Management support
    • Automation and Orchestration
    • Lessons Learned and Best Practices